Saturday, January 16, 2016


I'm a little worried that I may have a real injury.

I tend to be really careful when I'm training in order to avoid injury. I build mileage slowly when working on distance. I pay attention to how my body feels before starting a workout and adjust my plans, if needed. I've had the occasional ache or pain, the occasional injury scare, but I've never had a real injury that meant I shouldn't or couldn't run.

Some of my other friends who run have told me how lucky I am to have never really been injured. luck may have run out.

My lower right leg is killing me. The pain started several weeks ago and, but it wasn't too bad and would go away quickly, so I pretty much ignored it and kept up with my training plan. Yeah...that all changed in that last couple of weeks. The pain has just continued to slowly get worse, and now it hurts all the time instead of just hurting while I'm running. I've started using the elevator at work because going up and down stairs just hurts too much.

I'm still planning on running my next half marathon, which is coming up really quickly (next weekend), even though I know I probably shouldn't. I plan to get things checked out once my race is finished.

Right now, I'm trying to rest, and I'm icing my leg several times a day. I've moved my focus this week to cross training, as activities with little or no impact don't make me want to chop my leg off the way that running does right now (I got a killer workout in yesterday in a spin class with little to no pain in my leg).


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