Saturday, January 23, 2016

Discount for 2016 Soldier Field 10 Mile

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Soldier Field 10 Mile was my first distance race AND my favorite race last year. It had pretty much everything going for it: a great shirt, a cool medal, an awesome distance, a great finish (right on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field), well organized, wonderful volunteers, fun after party, etc.

Yeah...I'm a fan. I'm looking forward to running it again this year and will be working this spring (once my leg heals) to increase my speed so that I can PR.

If you've been wanting to run this race, or even just thinking about running it, then I highly recommend you sign up. In fact, I can offer a slight discount! By using the link below, you can save $5 off your registration for Soldier Field 10 Mile.

This is a race that I recommend wholeheartedly! I loved running it last year and can't wait to run it again this year!

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