Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Turkey Trot Tradition Continues

My first ever race was a Turkey Trot, and I'll be continuing the tradition in the morning by running the Turkey Day 8k. It is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving - heading out and running a few miles before indulging in a gluttonous feast. Running a race on Thanksgiving morning also helps make the day a little bit more special for those of us who spending the holiday alone.

I'm excited to be attempting this race again. Last year's race didn't go very well for me, and I struggled a lot just to finish the 5k. I'm hoping for a bit more success this year thanks to a consistent running schedule and a great deal of improvement over the course of the year. I've gotten stronger and faster, so I signed up for the 8k instead of the 5k.

My primary goal in the morning is to finish close to my current 8k PR (51:46). I feel that I could finish more quickly and set a new PR, having maintained a better pace at the recent Hot Chocolate 15k, but I've been struck down with a nasty cold the last few days. Although I feel much better, I still have a nagging cough and am not feeling my best, so I won't be pushing myself the way I had originally planned to.

My gear check bag is packed. My alarm clock is set. My clothes are laid out. I suppose I should turn in for the night. Have a happy thanksgiving! Maybe I'll see you at the race in the morning!

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