Monday, November 9, 2015

30 lbs Gone

I have officially lost 30 pounds this year.

My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, and my body fat percentage is now "ideal".

I still have more work to do to be the healthiest me that I can be, but I'm solidly on my way thanks to regular exercise and a healthy diet. To be honest, diet and nutrition have been much harder to tackle and get under control than exercise has. I enjoy running and usually look forward to my workouts, but my relationship with food has always been rather fraught. I've mentioned a few times about how I've struggled with my weight and my eating habits, but I've chosen not to go into too much detail, as talking about it tends to make me anxious. But I'm happy to say that I'm finding a much better balance when it comes to food.

By focusing on whole foods, but still allowing some for some indulgences, I've been able to find a pretty good balance in recent months that still has room for the occasional dinner out or post race beer or popcorn and candy at the movies. By eating well the majority of the time, I can finally eat the occasional treat without feelings of guilt. Yes, I can have my mug of chocolatey goodness after the Hot Chocolate 15k AND still go to brunch with friends after we have all crossed the finish line. It is a celebration, after all, and that is something to enjoy and savor.

I'm hoping that things will continue in the direction that they are going for the remainder of the year and on into next year.


  1. Awesome job! I think we all find the nutrition side of things a bit more challenging. Good job figuring out what seems to work for you!

  2. Congrats! I've found the same things as you as I was getting into shape for the Chicago Marathon. Eating healthy foods that actually fueled my body properly for running with only the occasional treat/drink helped me shed the few excess pounds. I had been struggling to get rid of them for several months until I changed my nutritional intake.