Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Running Commute

I've been doing something recently that I never thought I would do.

I've been running home from work. Because I want to.

This doesn't happen everyday, as my schedule sometimes has me leaving one job and going straight to another job. But at least twice  a week, I pack a bag with my running clothes and work day essentials in preparation to run home after work is done instead of taking the train.

So far, I've only run home after work, but I could probably run to work, too. That gets a little tricky for me, though, when it comes to timing and packing for the day, as I would have to give myself enough time to get to work and clean up and change clothes before the work day actually begins and I would need a way to carry a lot more stuff with me, such as toiletries and food for the day. I have several different jobs, and an inconsistent schedule, so I have to be able to carry anything I need with me, as I'm not able to leave things like a change of clothes, toiletries, or snacks/meals at work.

The nice thing about running home at the end of the day is that I don't have to worry about fitting my workout into my day. It is pretty efficient, as it takes me about the same amount of time to get home running as it does taking public transit. In fact, sometimes it is faster to run home. I love working out at night, so it makes sense to me to run home after work instead of taking the train home to then change clothes and go for a run. It is nice running home and then just being home. I get home, shower and change, and the rest of the night is mine to do with as I please.

It also has helped keep me from getting bored. Lately, when I run in the mornings, I almost always stick to the same path. On my running commutes, I've mapped out a few different routes I can take. My two primary jobs also give me two distances to play with. One gives me a nice easy run that is between 5 to 6 miles, depending on which route I take. The other gives me a more challenging 10+ miles, again depending on the route I take. I usually choose to run home from job #1, as I'm still more comfortable with the shorter distance, especially at night.

Spending my commute running is strangely exhilarating and feels like a real accomplishment, as my run has a specific purpose. The only downside that I've found is that I don't have as much time to read, as that is what I usually spend my time on the train doing.

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