Friday, September 18, 2015

A Nice Surprise

Back in July, I ran the Esprit de She 5k, which was sponsored by Gildan. In addition to the usual pre and post race festivities (which were awesome, by the way - check out my race recap), Gildan had an Instagram contest, which you entered by tagging your event photos with their Every Thread Counts hashtag. 

I never win anything...until now. Earlier this month, one of my Instagram photos from the race was selected as a winner in Gildan's weekly contest. They contacted me and asked for my shirt size and mailing address. Then, a few days later, I arrived home after work to find a fun surprise waiting for me at the door of my building:

Hooray! I won a prize!
Inside the box was a nice selection of Gildan merchandise - a hoodie, a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve shirt, a pack of socks, and a few other goodies. I hate to say it, but I think the socks may be my favorite thing from my prize box. They are super comfortable!

In addition to the apparel, there was also this journal and a reusable water bottle.
It was really lovely and very much needed. As I continue to lose weight and am slowly becoming more comfortable with my body, I'm finding myself with a new problem that I've never had before - a lot of my clothes are now too big and too loose. It is a nice problem to have, as I am much more familiar with the opposite problem and over the years grew accustomed to having trouble with clothes being too tight or too small as I continued to gain more weight every year.

Once I started exercising regulary and eating better, my weight slowly started decreasing, which is awesome. I'm still on my weight loss journey, so the size I am now will hopefully not be the size I am in a few months. I can't afford to constantly buy new clothes every time I drop a size, so I've been holding off until I get close to my goal. Also, I have been splurging a little too much in recent months with race entries and new gear and the occasional meal out (post long run brunch is a wonderful but expensive habit), so money is a little tighter than usual while I reign in my spending and start trying to save again.

Thanks to this box of goodies, I have at least a few items that actually fit properly for my current body size.

And I'm not the only one who is enjoying this prize:

Hannah has turned the box into her new fort. 

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