Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hello, August

It is already August! How did that happen? Where did July go? Time is moving too quickly!

To welcome August, I did my long run this morning - nine miles on the North Channel Trail. I love running on the North Channel Trail because it is less crowded than the Lakefront Trail and there is plenty of shade. It is also much closer to my home than the Lakefront Trail is, so that's another bonus. Because it is in my neighborhood and so close to home, almost my entire run can be done on the trail, as opposed to the Lakefront, where my first several miles are spent running east on neighborhood sidewalks just trying to get to the path. And nine miles meant that I actually ran to Skokie and back this morning.

I rarely have anything to brag about, so I've kind of been playing this up to all of my non running friends all morning. "How was your morning? Mine was great. I ran to a different city and back before work. No big deal or anything."

I'm happy to say that my run was not terrible this morning. Maybe my slump is finally drawing to a close. Sure, I struggled a bit on the last couple of miles, but I felt good for most of the run and managed to stay on pace the entire time. I've been running 11:30 for my long runs (or attempting to, anyway), and when I ended my run this morning, my average time per mile was 11:33.

My half marathon is only a month away, so I'm sticking to my training plan and hoping for more runs like this morning. Tonight, I plan to spend some quality time with my foam roller and Netflix. And tomorrow is my rest day, so I'm planning to take a gentle yoga class in the morning. The rest of the week will involve some cross training, a little speed work, and a few easy runs, with another long run on the weekend.

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