Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Still Struggling. Still Working.

Soooo...yeah...things are still not great. I'm still struggling with...well...with pretty much everything. 

But I'm not giving up. I'm still moving forward. I'm still working towards my goals in the hopes of getting out of this slump. I'm doing my best to put a positive spin on things.

I've been working with a personal trainer again to learn more about strength training and other non running activities that can help me be a better runner. She has been great about working with my crazy schedule and my limited financial resources, though I have been fortunate enough to squirrel away enough from each paycheck to meet with her a minimum of once every two weeks. After discussing my struggles with her last week, she helped me develop an action plan that should help me achieve my goals.

Hannah helped me fill out the action plan worksheet. Thanks for the help, kitty!
Basically, the point is to have an overall goal that is measurable and has a specific time frame. Then, I have specific things to work on, sort of like mini goals (in my case, two fitness and two nutrition mini goals) that will help me achieve my goal. At the half way point, my trainer and I will check on my progress and adjust the plan if needed.

The action plan takes things one step beyond just goal setting. I'm great about setting goals. I'm not so great about following through with them (though I am getting better). I had to write down specific rewards if I stick to the plan and specific consequences if I stray from the plan. For example, if I wake up one morning and just don't feel like doing that day's planned run, then I have to decide if skipping my run is worth having to do 50 burpees at the end of the week.

I taped my goal sheet on my door, next to my half marathon training plan. This way, I'll see it everyday, which will help me keep working towards that overall goal.

I may be in a slump right now, but I'm hoping that as long as I keep working, I'll eventually break through and will start feeling better again. Having a training plan has helped. It takes some of the guess work out of things because I know exactly what each day's workout will be from now until my race in September. And even though I've only had my action plan for a couple of days, it seems to be having a similar effect because I know what to eat and when, what to do on cross training days, and am not just allowed, but actively encouraged, to reward myself on a weekly basis for sticking to my plan.

Basically, giving myself fewer choices is generally making life easier right now.

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