Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July Check In

July kind of caught me by surprise. June was suddenly here, and then just as suddenly it was gone.

I'm pleased to say that things are going well. I've managed to get one day off each week this month, which is much better for my overall sense of well being, and I'm working on making sure that I can continue having one day off each week moving forward.

I'm shaking things up a little on the fitness front, taking at least one class a week at my gym. So far spinning and yoga seem to be the ones that are working the best with my schedule. It is nice to break out of my usual routine every now and then, and having a class with a set start time helps me get out of bed and get a work out in on those non running days.

I'm also officially training for my first ever half marathon, which is both exciting and terrifying. Yay! New distance! Training is going pretty well, so far. After my positive experience with Chicago Endurance Sports this spring, I'm training with them again this summer. I'm maintaining a consistent running schedule, and all of my runs have been manageable so far thanks to our unseasonably cool weather. I am a little worried about what will happen when we get some real heat and humidity later this summer, though. I know this wonderful 60 degree mornings can't last forever.

Nutrition is still a little hit or miss. I fell back into some bad habits at the end of May and have been struggling with my love of junk food for the past month. I'm slowly regaining control, though. I've learned that completely cutting out junk food just doesn't work for me because it leads to binges, which leads to a lot of negative feelings, both physical and emotional. Right now, I'm trying to focus on finding balance.

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