Friday, July 24, 2015

Holy Swag, Batman!

Last night, I ran the Esprit de She 5k. I struggled a bit during the race, but I still had a lot of fun and will be posting my full recap this weekend. 

Last night there were soooooo many freebies from the various race sponsors that I didn't know what to do with all of the stuff I ended up with.The race packet was fairly standard - official race shirt, bib number, safety pins, a couple of samples (mini Luna bar and a sample pack of gummi vitamins), and some coupons. 

At the race site, each of the various sponsors had booths set up and were offering various samples and freebies both pre and post race. 

Taking the number one spot for the strangest freebie that I've ever received at a race (this position was previously held by the box of rice handed to me at the Shamrock Shuffle Expo) is this box of tomatoes:
I've never had a stranger hand me a tomato before...but whatever. I'll take it!
Gildan was the main sponsor for the race this year, and they had a booth that was giving out shirts, hair ties, water bottles, etc. I got a pretty sweet t shirt. They had a variety of things you could do to your shirt to customize it (instructions for cutting and/or tying it, stencils, pens to write on it, etc.), but I chose to keep it plain so that I could wear it to work. 
Or I will wear it if I can get it back from Hannah.
After crossing the finish line and grabbing a bottle of water and a banana, I was handed a canvas Target bag on my into the Night Market (aka post race party).

This will come in handy when Chicago's plastic bag ban goes into effect on August 1.
When I got home and started unpacking it, I was astounded by how much stuff they managed to fit in one small bag:
There were samples of various snacks, vitamins, body lotion, nut butter, bubble bath, face wipes, cleaning products, lip balm, hand soap, and so much more. 

The different sponsor booths were also handing out all sorts of stuff: mini Luna bars, packets of protein powder (the protein powder booth was also doing demonstrations on different ways to use protein powder and giving out samples of their recipes, such as protein French toast), body lotion, yogurt, sports drinks, etc. There was also a raffle for larger items and prize packs from a few of the sponsors. 

And to think...I was just exciting about the free bottle of water and banana at the finish line.

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