Sunday, June 14, 2015

And Another PR!

I'm still working on my recap of the Original 5k (long story short - it was awesome), but I had something I needed to share, first.

I got another PR!!!

I ran the PAWS Run for Their Lives 8k. My previous 8k PR was 55:19 at this year's Shamrock Shuffle, and I completed today's 8k in 51:46. I would have finished even more quickly, but I had to stop and stretch shortly before the 4 mile mark when I got a cramp in my calf.

I'm not going to lie. I'm feeling extremely pleased with myself right now. I may still be slow, but I'm much faster than I was this time last year (last year I ran the PAWS 8k in 1:01:36). It is amazing what sticking to a consistent work out schedule will do.

The best running week ever ended on a high note. 3 race + 3 PRs = a happy runner.

All three of my races this week felt great. In fact, my regular runs on my own, or group runs in the case of Chick's Night and the CES open house fun run, felt fantastic, too.

So why has this week been so amazing? Yes, the PRs are great, but what really made this week amazing was that it was one of the first times since I started running where my one and only goal for each race/run was to have fun. I wasn't trying to PR in my races. I wasn't working on pace or distance during my runs. I was just running for the sheer joy of it.

It doesn't mean that I won't set future goals for myself, especially distance goals. I still need to tackle a 10k and a half marathon, both of which are on the horizon. But taking a break and running for fun for a little while has helped remind me why I love running and how exhilarating it can feel. I just need to remember this feeling when my half marathon training starts next week.

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