Friday, June 26, 2015

A Race and a Celebration

Tomorrow I'll be running the 2015 Proud to Run 10k. Proud to Run is "a part of Chicago’s Gay and Lesbian Pride Week activities since 1982, Proud To Run (PTR) is an annual 10K run & 5K run/walk along the lakefront, focused on celebrating pride in and raising funds to support the greater Chicago area LGBTQ community."

I attempted to run this race last year to help support About Face Theatre, which was one of last year's chosen beneficiaries. Let me refresh your memory on how it went for me:

What may be the most unflattering picture of me ever is the only thing that truly captures my disappointment.
What was supposed to be my first 10k turned into just another 5k after I got sick and simply couldn't finish the 10k, so I turned where the two courses split and walked the last bit the 5k. I was ill. I was miserable. And I was disappointed in myself.

I vowed to return this year and finally run the 10k. I told myself that I may end up being the last person to cross the finish line this year, but I will do it. And it will be amazing!

When I signed up for this year's race, I viewed it as my chance at running redemption. I would be running to test myself and mark my progress as a runner. I would be running to prove to myself that I could run.

After today's Supreme Court decision, however, I won't be running this race just for myself anymore. I will be running to celebrate love and equality. I will be running because our country has made a leap forward and because love has won a battle against hate.

I am proud to run to support my friends who can now marry and who can finally have their marriages legally recognized. Tomorrow's race is now much more than a race. It is a celebration. And I'm ready to party! 

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