Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fleet Feet Chick's Night

 My leg is feeling better already! I was told that I probably just had a slight strain and that my calf was full of knots. A pretty painful massage helped work the knots out, and as long as I am more careful about stretching and foam rolling, then I'm good to keep running, though I should take it a little easy for the next week or two.

I decided to put it to the test and went for a short run last night by attending one of Fleet Feet Chicago's Chicks' Night. I hadn't run in several days, so I was a little nervous and was prepared to walk, if needed. Luckily, everything went very well.

Chicks' Night is pretty awesome. It is a women only fun run that happens every week at each of the Fleet Feet Chicago locations. The Lincoln Square location has Chicks' Night on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. There are also other fun runs that leave from the different Fleet Feet locations, so if you are looking for people to run with, you might want to check out their schedule.

I really do love my neighborhood.
I was fortunate enough to be finished with work earlier than usual last night, allowing me to run with Chicks' Night. In fact, I was so early that I had time to take a walk around Lincoln Square and enjoy the lovely spring weather after getting off the train

The Fleet Feet flag was beckoning to me, showing me the way. 
Once at Fleet Feet, I changed into my running gear and headed upstairs to the meeting area. I found my log sheet in the file and set it out so that I could log my miles after the run. Chicks' Night is completely free, and it allows you to earn free gear by running. How cool is that? After 50 miles running, you get a Chicks' Night short sleeve tech shirt. 100 miles earns you a long sleeve shirt. 200 miles? Well, you get a running jacket. And the big one, 300 miles, earns you a $50 gift certificate to Fleet Feet. You can run anywhere from three to six miles at each run, and all levels and paces are welcome. Since the runs start at Fleet Feet, you have a place to change and store your gear while you run.

Run with some cool women and earn free gear? I'm in!

It was a perfect evening for a run! It was sunny and beautiful, but still comfortably cool. Chicago can really be beautiful sometimes.

I decided to run at least three miles, and then add more if I was still feeling good. I soon fell into a comfortable pace with a few of the other ladies running that night. After three miles, I was still feeling good, with no pain, so a couple of ladies and I went ahead an extra mile to finish four miles for the night.

These ladies are awesome!
Once back at the store, I grabbed some water and stretched, taking advantage of the foam rollers that are available to use after these runs. I felt good and even stopped at the gym for a quick strength training session before heading home. I still have no leg pain this morning, so things seem to be okay. I should be good to run my long run this Sunday.

I love running with Chicks' Night. It is awesome seeing so many women running and being active and supporting each other. These ladies really do inspire me to be better and keep going. I just wish that I was able to run with them more consistently, as I'm only able to run with them about once a month right now, thanks to my weird work schedule.

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