Friday, May 1, 2015

15 lbs

When I saw my doctor earlier in the week, she weighed me, which always happens at doctor appointments. However, I asked not to be told the number and requested only to know if it was higher or lower than my last visit.

She said that it was lower, and she was pretty happy to see where my weight currently was. This was good because at my last visit we had discussed how, as a health professional, she would really like me to lose a little weight, especially with my family history of things like high blood pressure. If I could lose the weight now, she explained, then it could help me avoid some of the health problems that have plagued other members of family as they aged.

This morning, I finally got up the courage to step on a scale and weighed myself at the gym. I'm not a fan of weighing myself, as too often the number staring back at me just makes me upset and angry. This morning was different, however. The number on the scale made me pretty happy and just a little proud of myself.

Thanks to regular exercise and good nutrition (well...better nutrition - I still fall off the wagon from time to time, especially when confronted with donuts), I've successfully lost 15 pounds since January.

I try not to get too tied up with my weight, as it can make me a little crazy and obsessive. Also, there are many things that are so much more important than weight by which I can measure my fitness and health - strength, endurance, speed, etc. I also try to go more by how my clothes are fitting than what the scales says. If my pants are suddenly getting tighter, then I know I need to work harder.

And it has been great being able to buy clothes that don't have any X's in front of the size for the first time since college. Seeing and L on a shirt instead of an XL or XXL is pretty exciting, but there was something about seeing that number on the scale this morning that really drove home the fact that what I'm doing is working. It was also a nice little ego boost at the end of a long and tiring week.

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