Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Do Over!

I had a not so great year in 2014 in pretty much all aspects of my life. Luckily, things seem to be looking up. I know it is still extremely early in the new year, but I'm hopefully optimistic for what 2015 holds in store. My health is better. I'm slowly working my way out of debt. I'm also doing things for myself: taking the occasional day off from work and making time for things I've always wanted to try (I'm signed up for a beginners' yoga class next month and am in the process of planning a hiking trip with a couple of friends for the spring).

I'm also hopeful for what the year in running has the potential to be. 2015 is pretty much my chance for a do over. I'm finally going to tackle some longer distances and am going to take better care of myself to avoid having to scale back or cancel my training.

Last year, I had to make some changes to my race schedule that caused a lot of stress and negative feelings about myself and my running. There were three specific races that caused a lot of disappointment for me: A race that should have given me a 5k PR (Turkey Day 5k) actually ended up giving me my worst 5k time (race recap here). What should have been my first 10k (Proud to Run) became just another 5k when I found myself feeling ill during race but insisted on running anyway (race recap here). What should have been my first half marathon (The Magnificent Mile Chicago Women's Half Marathon) became just another 5k after I had to put my training on hold due to health problems (race recap here).

Guess what? I declare a do over! I will run the Turkey Day 5k (or maybe the 8k - dare I?) this year and will improve my time. I will run Proud to Run and finish the 10k this year instead of bailing and running the 5k. I will run a half marathon this year. I don't know if it will be The Magnificent Mile Chicago Women's Half Marathon or not, as I'm still weighing my options and looking at several different half marathons that take place in or near Chicago.

I refuse to allow my failures to define who I am. My last few runs, short though they may have been, felt fantastic. I look forward to many more great runs this year.


  1. Yay for do-overs! (I love the new year!) My recommendation on picking a half marathon in Chicago? Either pick one in May, or not until September or later. It's just too hot in between there, and makes it that much harder to enjoy training and the race. Let me know if you want more specific details, or need help training!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Great advice! I may have to hit you up for some more advice soon. I just signed up for the Soldier Field 10 Mile in May. I think I'm going to look for September or later for a half.