Monday, November 24, 2014

Hit or Miss

This past week has been a little hit or miss. I had one amazing run, one terrible run, and two runs that I would classify as "meh". On the bright side, I was having a terrible morning one day last week, and my day was instantly brightened by the discovery of a tiny Stonehenge in someone's front yard in my neighborhood.

Mini Stonehenge? Thanks, Chicago. I needed that today.
I'm still loving the cold weather, but I have not been loving the rain that has accompanied the cold temps the last couple of days. This morning was a real struggle. Kind of. Okay...not really. I slept in and snuggled with Hannah and basically stayed in bed until I had to get up to go to work. At the time, it felt like the right decision. It was cold and rainy outside. And it was warm and cozy inside.

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The only problem is that now I have to run tonight. Blerg.

I'm really not feeling it today, but I'm going to suck it up and go for a run anyway. If it is still raining/snowing when I leave work, then I'll be heading to the gym to run on the treadmill. I made sure to bring my gym bag with me to work so I have no excuses, where all my will power is drained the moment I sit down.

It is a struggle to get going each day, but I genuinely enjoy myself once I'm out the door and actually running. I keep reminding myself that I have a 5k this Thursday and an 8k in December. I'll never be fast enough to be competitive, but races still keep me motivated to keep running, even on days when I just want to nap.

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