Sunday, November 9, 2014

Future Races and Goals Check In

Soooo...I signed up for some more races to help keep me motivated and running on a regular basis.

Although I'd love to run faster, I've realized that I'd rather work my way up to longer distances. Don't get me wrong. I'd still love to PR at the Turkey Day Run 5k on November 27. I've just realized that my naturally slow pace may be better suited to longer distances (I'm hoping - fingers crossed), and knowing that I have to work on adding mileage tends to motivate me more than speed work does. I'm looking at a couple of 8k races, as well as a couple of 10k races. I'm excited about running the Rudolph Ramble 8k next month, but I'm a little nervous about how quickly it is coming up.

So far my goals for the month are shaping up pretty well. I've added my runs to my schedule to help stop me from making excuses, and last night's run was short (only 2.5 miles), but it felt great. I love the cooler weather! I want to continue running outside as long as possible, though I know that I'll eventually head inside to the treadmill once the frigid Chicago winter weather hits. Although healthy eating is posing some challenges (mostly due to poor planning on my part), I have had breakfast every morning, so far.

So far, so good. I fitting all my runs into my schedule, even if it means running at night after work on days I oversleep (like yesterday). I'm just going to have to wait and see what happens at the 5k on Thanksgiving to see if I accomplish that goal or not, though I still think it is possible as long as I keep working. I may not have run as far as I should have last night, but I made excellent time and was able to keep my pace up the entire time.

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