Monday, October 27, 2014

No Shower

Today isn't going so great. I'm dirty. I'm smelly. And I just want to go home, take a shower, and go to sleep.

The day started out pretty good. I woke up to an adorable kitty who just wanted to hang out and nap all day. 
Hannah says, "Why are you getting up? Go back to sleep, human. Sleep is good."
I actually managed to get out of bed early for a three mile run this morning. My running was even slower than usual due to a.) me not being a morning person and therefore not being fully awake and b.) I've been nursing a cold for the last few days. Running was still the right choice, however. It helped me wake up and I felt so much better when I was finished and back at home. I was excited to shower and have breakfast and coffee.

There was just one problem. There was no water. 

I don't know why, but the water was shut off in my building. This meant no shower, no breakfast, and no coffee. Booooooo! Not okay! It would have been nice to have been given some notice that water was going to be shut off. If I had had more time or knew that water was being shut off, then I could have gone to the gym and showered there. Or I could have prepared by having a bucket and some bottles of water ready and standing by.

Soooo...yeah...I showed up to work dirty and sweaty. It kind of ruined my whole day. And probably that of my coworkers, who are all sitting just a little bit further away from me than usual.

I've tried to turn the day around. I was early for work, so I had time to buy coffee and a breakfast sandwich and then walk around the park while I ate. I walked around and checked out some of the art and just generally soaked in the lovely weather.

There is so much art in and around Chicago. I love it!
It is gorgeous today! I love all the fall colors and crunching through the fallen leaves. I love fall so much! Why can't it be fall forever?

Yay! Fall!
I'm going to try to get another walk through the park in during my break today, to try and force myself into a better mood. I'm always amazed how such a little thing can completely ruin my day. I'm just really hoping that the water is back on when I get home tonight. Otherwise, I'll have to head to the store to buy some jugs of water.

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