Friday, September 12, 2014

Back on the Treadmill

We meet again!

My nemesis.

I've mentioned before how much I hate the treadmill, but sometimes it is the most convenient option. 
Although I'm much more self conscious at the gym (I know people are focusing on their own workouts and aren't watching me and judging me, but that is what it feels like), I find it much easier to focus on the task at hand and get things done there. There aren't as many distractions at the gym, and it is very nice to be able to run inside when it is chilly and rainy outside.  

Cold and rainy, but still very pretty. I love my city.
I had planned on going for a quick run this morning, but my plan didn't quite work. Yeah...the snooze button is a dastardly device. Instead of getting out of bed at 6am to run, I rolled out of bed at about 8am with just enough time to throw on some clothes, feed the cat, and head to work. 

Serious question: how do people do this whole morning thing? I thought I was making progress, but this morning proved otherwise. I just can't seem to get mornings under control.

Anyway, I changed clothes as soon as I got home from work and made my way to the gym. After stowing my things in the locker room, I made my way upstairs to the treadmills. I started off with 5 minutes of walking to warm up. Then, I don't know why, but I decided to see just how fast I could run, even if it was only for a very short time. It was a disaster.

I almost fell off the back of the machine. On one hand, I almost died (at least that is what it felt like). On the other hand, I did get my heart rate up.

I think these machines may be out to get me.
Luckily, the gym was pretty empty tonight, so there weren't too many people there to witness my embarrassment. But I'm pretty sure the handful of folks who were there got a pretty good laugh out of my antics. You're welcome, everyone!

I slowed down to my usual slow, but steady pace. It seemed like the safest option. 

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