Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Big Day Ahead

I have a big day ahead of me, you guys. I don't have a lot of things planned. In fact, I really only have three things planned. But those things are...well...they are big for me.

1. I have a session booked with a personal trainer at my gym this morning. That's right. I'm now paying someone to force me to workout. I've been meeting with her for a while now and have really noticed improvement in my overall health and fitness for the first time in my life. Before I started meeting with her I was working out regularly, but I was seeing no improvement and was getting really frustrated.  My trainer gives me homework and holds me accountable. She works with me to find my strengths and weaknesses and helps me set fitness goals and figure out how to achieve them.

These personal training sessions aren't cheap. No one needs a personal trainer, but for me, it is a good investment that keeps me motivated and forces me to push myself to be better. Several months ago, I sat down and looked at my finances and figured out what was necessary (rent, utilities, groceries, cat food) and what was not (pretty much everything else). After determining how much I had to spend after all my necessary expenses were taken care of, I went through and ranked all those little luxuries in my life by their importance to me. I'll gladly give up dining out and buying new clothes to afford a race entry or a personal training session.

Restaurant food (dining out and delivery) is something I've given up to be able to have my gym membership. 
2. After my training session, I have a job interview this afternoon. Listen up, folks. Mama needs to earn some dough to afford that gym membership and those personal training sessions! Although I won't be able to quit my current job if I get this new job, I'll be much better off financially.

After I hit the gym this morning, I'll have just enough time to get home, shower, and eat lunch before I have to get dressed up, slap on some makeup, and do my best to make a good impression while pretending that I'm not super awkward. I don't really want another job. I do, however, want to continue being able to enjoy those luxuries that I've deemed important, such as my gym membership, personal training sessions, and Netflix. I really love Netflix, you guys. If I can get this new job, then I might even be able to treat myself to a new sports bra. Ooooohhhh...fancy!

Hannah also loves Netflix.
3. I have a 4 mile run planned tonight. During the 5k on Sunday, I was able to average about a 12 minute mile. Yes, I know that is slow, but it is not nearly as slow as I once was. My next few runs will be between 3 and 4 miles and will be testing my pace. If I can consistently pull off a 12 minute mile, then I'll be one step closer to my speed goal and will be able to start working on getting that down to 11:30, then 11, then 10:30, and so on and so forth.

I'll never be fast or able to really compete in the races I enter, but that doesn't mean that I can't compete with myself and become the best runner that I'm capable of being. I know that I can run faster than I currently do. I know that I can run longer distances than I currently do. I also know that it will take a lot of work to do these things. Since I set my goals, I've been running regularly (I know it has only been a couple of weeks so far, but it is an excellent start), and simply running regularly has already helped with my speed and endurance. In the last two weeks, I've noticed huge improvement, and that is a great feeling.

Because of my training session this morning, I'll have to get my run in tonight. I'll probably wait for sunset or a little after in order to have a slightly cooler temperature outside while I'm running. Something that I've learned this summer is that early morning or late evening runs kind of suck when it comes to convenience, but the cooler temperatures during those times more than make up for any small inconvenience. I'd rather be comfortable and sleepy while running in the early morning or late at night than feel sick due to the heat while running during the day.

Running at night is always a little scary, but it is does offer some beautiful views and cooler temperatures.
Now, if you'll excuse me, it is time for me to finish breakfast and get ready for the day ahead.

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