Thursday, August 21, 2014


Soooo...I always hear about how it is important to set goals. Not just for running, but also for life. Life is big and scary, especially when I'm looking for a new job. Running...not so much. So here are some goals to help give my running some purpose. Some are small. Some are big. The small goals will help me achieve the big goals. I think all of them are achievable with a little bit of time and effort.

Small Goals
  • Run regularly. I've been really bad about slacking off lately. Well...maybe slacking off isn't the best term. I haven't been running as regularly as I once did or as regularly as I would like. Sure, I have the best of intentions, but that doesn't really count when I don't follow through. I want to get back on a regular running schedule, which will help me achieve many of my big goals (see below).
  • Run with others. I've been wanting to join up with one of the many running groups in Chicago for a long time, but I find them very intimidating. I don't want them to judge me for being to slow or fat. I'm worried that I'll look like an idiot. I need to get over that. I need to just go and give it a try. I'd love to meet other people who share a common interest, and I think running with a group will help me push myself to be better, as well as give me a concrete appointment to run each week. And there are so many groups to choose from that I should be able to find one that is a good fit, though it make take trying out a couple of different ones.  
Big Goals
  • Get faster. As I've said many times before, I run very slowly. I tend to run a little over a 12 minute mile. I want to get that down to a 10 minute mile. I think this is pretty easily achievable, as long as I start doing some speed work and stick with it. I had managed to get down to an 11 minute mile earlier this year, until I stopped running regularly due to some health problems. Then my time shot back up. Sigh. I'd really like to get my 5k time down to 30 minutes or less.  
  • Increase distance. I've been trapped at this 5k distance since I started running and haven't really been able to break out of it and run longer distances. Every now and then I have a great day and am able to jump up to 5 miles, but that seems to be my absolute max. I don't know why, but longer distances are really appealing to me. Before my health became an issue and stopped my training, I was training for a half marathon and was making progress in both speed and distance, so I know that I am capable of getting better with work and dedication. I'd like to first work on speed, but once I get that to where I want it, then I want to start working on distance.
  • Enter and Finish a Longer Race. I was supposed to run a half marathon next week. That planned changed drastically, and now I'm only entered in the 5k that is being held that same day. The same thing happened with my 10k earlier this summer. It turned into a 5k when I suddenly started feeling sick at the start of the race. I want to enter and finish a race longer than 5k. For the time being, I'm going to stick with 5ks as I work on speed. But as soon as I get to a place where I can start working on distance, I'm going to find a longer race to enter.
These are my current running goals. Do you have any goals that you want to work towards? What are they?

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